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Types of Heating Systems  

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The majority of Temecula residents depend on Heating Systems to warm their homes during the cold winter months. There is a wide range of heating systems that are still being used around the nation but for the most part, the city of Temecula only sees a few different types. I will discuss the different types and why you might choose one over the other.

Forced Air Systems:

Forced air systems are a very common type of heating system, which usually includes a furnace. They can get their heat energy from a few different sources; natural gas, electricity, oil or propane. This heated air is then ‘forced’ through the air ducts around your house, allowing for every section of your home to be heated properly. Since the furnaces are the heat source, they usually need to be placed in safe areas such as a garage, basement, attic or crawlspace.

What does a Furnace do?

A furnace works by pushing heated air through the ducts that line your home. The fuel used by the furnace is mixed with air and burned. Air is then pushed through the heat exchanger which is then pushed through the air ducts. Any combustion product is then vented out through the flue pipe, in effect keeping all residents safe of unwanted particles. A furnace is the most common type of heating system in the Temecula area just because of the ease of use and reliability. Furnaces have been around for many years so depending on your model, the efficiency and cost of using can i buy canine valium will vary.

Heat Pumps:

Heat Pumps are a great system for areas that are not affected by crazy weather. If you live in an area that does not normally feel the 20-degree lows or 115-degree highs, then this system is perfect for you! It operates on electricity and works as both a heating and cooling system. By using two systems, an outdoor and indoor, it allows for air to be moved inside or out depending on desired temperatures. Almost all heat pumps use this sort of system, forcing warm or cold air through the vents in the home. But what most people don’t know is that there are two different types of heat pumps. The Ground-Source heat pump and the air-source heat pump both have their different use cases. The ground-source will always be an eye catcher; This is because of the natural ‘green’ energy that this type of pump uses.  They also tend to be much more efficient. But one con of ground source heat pumps are the costly upfront costs of setting the system up. Geothermal energy is known for being expensive but is very popular because of the longevity of the system life.

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