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Electric or Gas Furnace?

One of the biggest questions regarding furnaces is which type is best? Electric or Gas? Well, there are many factors that weigh in on this discussion regarding the two. They both have their pros and cons, but the biggest question of all, which one is right for you? There are many factors you need to take into account when deciding which one is the best. These factors include cost, efficiency, size, durability, as well as safety concerns, installation requirements, and housing requirements. Some people do not have the availability to debate the two because of their living situation and location. Natural Gas is the most popular fuel source for the United States but some areas are not able to use this because of location restrictions.

Pros of Electric Furnaces

-Electric Furnaces tend to be safer because there is no need for natural gas to create heat energy.

-They are cheaper to purchase and install than gas-powered furnaces.

-Can be all you need for both air conditioning and heating your home year-round.

Cons of Electric Furnaces

-Electric tends to be a tad more pricey on your monthly energy bills.

-Electric furnaces only create original heat, does not transfer heat.

-When cold temperatures hit, electric tends to work a little harder to maintain desired temperatures.

Pros of Gas Furnaces

-Gas is a much cheaper utility to use for your heating power source.

-Creates and transfers powerful heat energy because of the gas-powered furnace.

-Pairs better with air-conditioner because will use an alike power source.

Cons of Gas Furnaces

-Can be dangerous because of gas supply to the house.

-Carbon Monoxide could be more prominent with the gas-powered furnace, must be aware of air quality in the home at all times.

-More costly upfront costs to purchase and install the unit.

Cost Comparison

The upfront costs of Electric Furnaces tend to be cheaper than gas furnaces. But over time electric furnaces typically end up being more costly than gas because the cost to run an electric furnace is a tad more pricey than gas. The electric furnace also uses a little more energy to heat your home. So it might be worth the upfront investment for the gas furnace because it will save your pockets over time.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

A gas powered system is less expensive to operate because of the price difference in the utility and a few other factors. Gas furnaces are more effective when it comes to heating an entire home in a cold weather area. Gas tends to be more effective in heating a home because of its ability to create and transfer heat energy. This is why electrically powered furnaces tend to be more costly to operate, especially in cold climates. So if you live in a cold area, a gas furnace might be the right choice for you. If you do not live in a cold area and only see yourself using your heater once in a while then electric may be the choice for you! It is cheaper to purchase and install, as well as safer to operate.

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