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Reasons Your Heater is Blowing Cold Air

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Having a heater or heating system that blows cold air is a common problem. However, if you don’t take the right steps right away, this might cause you to incur heavy replacement costs. So the first time you feel a blast of cold air from your heater, here are a few things which need your attention.

Sometimes, these issues are easy to fix and you can resolve them on your own. At other times, you may need the assistance of a professional HVAC service to restore the proper functionality of your heater.

Common Issues with Heaters Blowing Cold Air

Thermostat Settings

The most frequent reason heaters malfunction can be a faulty thermostat. The thermostat is a major component of any heating system and where major HVAC issues begin.

Take a look at the thermostat and set it to ‘auto’ instead of ‘on’. When you keep your thermostat to ‘on’ mode, it constantly runs its fan to blow out air, even when your furnace is not actually heating.

Pilot Light Gone Out

Another possible reason for getting cold air out of your heater could have to do with the pilot light. Chances are that the pilot light is out. The pilot light is the small flame that lights when you turn on the heater. Sometimes you just need to re-light the pilot light in order to fix the problem. Also, the gas valve of your heater may be shut off if you are using a gas heater.

Also, make sure that you are receiving gas at full pressure in your home. You can do this by checking your gas-powered oven or stove. In the case of the electric furnace, check the connections and make sure that you are receiving adequate power.

Inspect Air Filters

Clogged air filters are another reason you could be experiencing cold air from your heater. A restricted or limited air flow can cause your heater to overheat. As a safety precaution, this overheating shuts off your heater’s burners. This safety control is installed to prevent damage to your furnace. So inspect the air filters and clean them to allow proper air flow, cleaning them every month, and replacing them every three months.

Duct Problems

When your duct is leaking, it makes you feel as if your furnace has stopped working. This happens because the cold air from outside your attic easily crawlspace and enters your house through these duct holes. So before you blame your heater for malfunctioning, first check your duct for any leaks or cracks. This is relatively an easy issue to fix as opposed to calling up the assistance of an electrician to fix the heating system.

Speaking of which, not every heating system issue can be fixed as a DIY project. Therefore, don’t hesitate in taking the assistance of a professional, nor should you simply overlook the issue altogether.

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