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How Long Do Furnaces Last?

NexGen How long Do Furnaces Last

The average furnace, if well-maintained, can last 15 to 20 years. However, this is not an expiration date. A 15-year-old furnace may be running fine, but it’s wise to start shopping around to get familiar with the types of equipment available. Learning about energy-efficient options, how efficiency is calculated (such as the Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating), and pricing/operating costs can help you plan ahead.

Average lifespan also depends on the type of furnace. Gas furnaces last only about 15 years on average. Electric furnaces tend to last longer. But it’s not unheard of for a furnace to last 30 years or more.

How Do I Get More Life Out of My Furnace?

The question, “How long do furnaces last?” is open ended when you consider the choices you can make that might extend longevity. The most important step is to have your furnace regularly maintained. Your furnace should be checked by a professional at least once a year. An inspection should include checking the gas valve, fan, heat exchanger, thermocouple, and other major parts. The pilot and burner should be cleaned and electrical and gas connections tightened. A technician will also lubricate moving parts and test the system to see how it is operating.

Other ways to extend a furnace’s lifespan include:

Setting your thermostat up or down a few degrees can help as well. By reducing the load on your furnace, it may work less hard, so that vital components undergo less strain. You can therefore slow down wear and tear and perhaps extend the amount of time between repair and replacement jobs.

Is It Time to Replace My Furnace?

It can be hard to know how long your furnace will last. But there are signs that it may be on its last leg. Poor installation, a lack of maintenance, and improper sizing can reduce operating life significantly. Nonetheless, ignoring the following signs can mean spending more time and money trying to fix an old furnace or repairing the damage running a faulty one can cause. Here are a few reasons to consider furnace replacement:

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When to Replace Your Gas Furnace?

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Your home furnace is one of the most important parts of your home, it is quite smart to keep track of how efficient and effective your furnace is working as time rolls on. You need to know when it is time to repair or replace your furnace. The costs of reoccurring maintenance can be quite costly and it might end up costing more than just replacing your furnace altogether. An outdated furnace can cost more than just money, as it also can pollute the air that your family is breathing. These tips will help you determine when it might be time to buy a new heating system.

When it’s time, it’s time

If your furnace is 11 years or younger and has had routine maintenance over the years then you should have nothing to worry. If your furnace is a little older then you might have seen some warning signs that it might be time to replace your furnace.

Signs of Warning

As a homeowner, it is crucial to be aware of warning signs that your appliances might be running on their last leg. Using old, outdated appliances can be costly and dangerous.


The average lifespan for a furnace is around 16 to 20 years. It is crucial to have your furnace inspected regularly to keep it up and running efficiently, this will assure a long lifespan. If your furnace is nearing this age or is already at this age, it may be time to start looking for your next furnace. The new technology that furnaces now come with will shock you. Your power bill will be improved tremendously and you will also see an improvement in air quality.

Energy Bill Cost

Have you begun seeing an increase in your bill and didn’t know why? This could be because of your old furnace. Their ability to create heat is greatly diminished over the years of use. A HUGE warning sign for your furnace effectiveness and efficiency is an increase in your power bill cost & This is usually the biggest factor that pushes people over the edge.

House Temperature

Are you struggling to keep warm in the winter? Your furnace will spend hours trying to get the house warm but will never reach the desired temperatures for the different rooms in the house? This is because your furnace may be outdated and not have enough power to heat the entire house.

Newer furnaces are packed with brand-new technology to allow furnaces to be most effective. A new furnace purchase will prove to be a great investment over time because of a decreased power bill, and a perfectly heated home for a time to come. We listed a few of the warning signs that your furnace may need a new replacement. It is a big investment for your home but wasting money on repairs won’t solve any long-term problems that an old furnace has. You will not regret investing in a new piece of equipment, your home will finally feel comfortable on those cold winter nights and your power bill will see a drop in price.

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5 Things to Consider When Buying a Furnace

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Furnaces are an essential part of your home because they provide heat for your home during the chilly winter months. When the time comes to buy a new furnace, it is best to know what things you need to consider. There are many factors that weigh into this decision, depending on your needs, you may prefer one type of furnace over another. Some of these weighing factors include efficiency, size, power source, and brand type. We will discuss these different factors below.

HVAC System Types

Home heating systems come in two common types, packaged systems or split systems. Split systems are known for having two separate units for heating and air conditioning. As the times change more and more people are moving towards the packaged system. It is a little more space conscious and allows the homeowner to only have to manage one system for both air conditioning and heating.

Your Heating Unit's Fuel Source

There are a few options available when it comes to the fuel source for your new furnace. The most common types are gas, electric and oil. Of these three, gas and electric are by far the most commonly found. Oil powered heaters are very outdated and are mostly found in older homes around the country. Gas powered furnaces are great for areas that tend to have freezing temperatures because they are typically a little cheaper than electric to operate for long hours.

Thermostat Preferences

The key to perfect temperatures throughout your home is thermostat placement. If your home seems to fluctuate in temperature depending on what room you are in, you might want to look into zoning systems. These zoning systems work by using multiple thermostats throughout your home, determining the which parts of your home truly needs heating help. This will reduce unnecessary use of heat in certain parts of your home, in effect reducing your average energy consumption.

Furnace Efficiency

There are many different types of furnaces and all are different when it comes to energy consumption. Depending on the size of your home, you may not need a huge power hungry furnace. This will really be the biggest factor in determining how large of a furnace you will need. Square footage is the biggest factor because you need your furnace to provide heat for the entire home without the need to run for hours on end.

Furnace Warranty

These days most furnace systems come with a good warranty depending on the brand you decide to go with. Frigidaire currently has a 10-year warranty on their products because of their commitment to quality products. Your local appliance store will have all the information regarding warranties.

These are just a few of the top factors involved in choosing your new furnace for your home. Just remember that there are a few more things to think about other than upfront costs when choosing a new heating system. The cost to operate a system can become a huge burden, make sure to weigh all of the top factors before jumping into a decision.

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Broken Furnace? Here’s What You Should Do

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Did your heart stop working and you don’t know how to fix it? There are a few things that could stop your heat from working and we are here today to give you a few tips to diagnose your main problem.

Before you call any sort outside help, you should check to see if your furnace is actually broken or temporarily disabled because of a few fixable issues. Make sure to keep reading to discover the root problem and how you can fix them.

Air Vents

First, you must check the most obvious thing, is air flowing through your air vents into your rooms? You may need to grab a neighbor's ladder or the nearest chair depending on your ceiling height. Reach over to your vent and check to see if you feel the air. If not, try adjusting the vent angle. If this doesn’t work, see if there could be any debris blocking the vent. Sometimes lint and debris can build up in the vent causing airflow issues.

Check the Gas

Most furnaces are gas-powered and will have a pilot light inside one of the removable panels. Make sure to check the manual for the furnace if it is readily available, it will help you find the gas valve and pilot light areas. First, check to see if the pilot light is lit, if there is a lit flame then this is not the root cause of your issue. Keep reading to discover other ways to fix your heat problem.

Thermostat Issues

A lot of the time heating related issues is caused by a broken thermostat. These can become faulty and break over time. To check to see if your thermostat is working correctly try turning up or down the temperature setting and see if your furnace reacts in any way. If it does you will know your thermostat is not the cause.

Furnace Vents

Most furnaces have vents that are used for exhaust and intake. Check to see if you feel any sort of heat being exhausted from your furnace and clear any lint or debris that could be blocking potential airflow.

Furnace Filters

Changing filters is never something people put on their weekly to-do lists. Dirt and lint can build upon these filters and can cause a lot of issues with airflow. Warm air will not be able to pass through the filter and can cause the furnace to break down. Make sure to change your furnace filters every few months to assure your furnace is receiving proper filtering.

After these few tips hopefully your furnace will be back up and running in no time! If these tips did not get your heater back on, it may be time to call your local NexGen Air. We provide great quality work for a great price and promise to get your house temperature back to normal quickly.  

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10 Tips to Stay Warm if Your Furnace is Broken

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The winter season comes with many obstacles we all usually experience at one time or another; forgetting your umbrella or stepping in a rain puddle is all pretty irritating. But imagine coming home to a freezing house and a broken furnace with no hopes of being fixed until the handyman can stop by. This is a nightmare situation for anyone who needs a warm house to operate normally. Today we will discuss a few tips to stay warm and get you back and running during the tough times without an operating furnace.

Tip 1: Close All Doors And Windows

This sounds like a crazy obvious tip but it’s easier to warm up a small room than the entire house and/or neighborhood.

Tip 2: Layer Up With Clothes

Obvious tip number 2, most people do not know the correct way to layer up. The goal is NOT to end up looking like an NFL Linebacker. Start with thin layers then top with a warm jack to insulate it all. You will end up warm and looking semi-stylish.

Tip 3: Hot Food And Drinks

Make sure to skip out on the cold wedge salad on this cold evening. Heat up some warm soup or enjoy a nice cup of tea or hot cocoa to assure a warm night without the help from your friendly furnace.

Tip 4: Close Your Curtains

This is not so obvious, most people do not realize the amount of heat that gets trapped in a room by just closing your blinds and curtains. Cool temperatures radiate from the windows so it is best to block it as best as possible.

Tip 5: Staying Active

Get that heart rate up! Getting the blood pumping will raise your body temperature allowing you to warm up. Do a few push-ups and sit-ups and enjoy the natural heat.

Tip 6: Bundle Up And Watch A Movie

If you are not in the mood to be an active type, try jumping under the blankets and watching a movie. Getting under the covers and deep into a movie will for sure cause you to forget about all of your furnace troubles.

Tip 7: Clean Socks

Everyone loves a clean, warm pair of socks! Make sure to change your socks and enjoy the sudden warmth of new socks around your feet. Socks are something we all love during the cold winter.

Tip 8: Have A Party

One thing that will assure a warm home is a house party! Invite over some of your friends and watch the room temperature rise. Everyone loves a good social hour, so why not use your friends for some good?

Tip 9: Hot Pads and Heated Blankets

Try a hot pad or heated blanket when going to bed! Putting a hot pad at your feet before bed will keep you warm 100% of the time. Or another option is a heated blanket, these do wonders and usually are not too costly at the local store.

Tip 10: Plugin Space Heaters

In the twenty-first century, people often forget that we still have the ability to use space heaters. These will work well to heat up a small bedroom or living room when your furnace is not working.

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