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Benefits Of A Summer Drain Cleaning

NexGen Benefits of a summer drain cleaning

Summer is the favorite season for various reasons for many people. Longer days and sunny weather are great for cookouts, vacations, and poolside fun. For others, summer is a time of rejoicing because the lack of rain means fewer chores and upkeep around the house. We get it: chores can be daunting, and nobody wants to strain themselves in the heat anyway?

If you want to commit to just one outdoor chore this summer, it should be drain cleaning. Now, you may be scratching your head at this point because the reasons for cleaning drains during the warm months aren’t always obvious. Cleaning drains isn’t on everybody’s priority list but is very important. This article will highlight a few benefits of summer drain cleaning and how this upkeep can help you in the long run.

Why Clean Drains In The Summer?

Clearing out drains seems a bit extra, but the following reasons will have you running for your cleaning supplies or a plumber who would clean those drains for you. Remember, gutters aren’t just outside. Some of the nastier ones are inside your home (i.e., your shower).

Save money while increasing your pipes’ lifespan.

The act of cleaning anything, including your drains, is an act of maintenance. Proper and regular maintenance will prolong your pipes' lifespan, saving you the hassle of repairs and replacements. Both repairs and replacements take time, which can be frustrating. And let's not forget the high cost! In today’s economy, maintenance of your property is doubly essential due to the rising costs that can quickly eat your budget.

Get rid of foul smells.

Drains develop a foul smell when they aren’t routinely cleaned. This is especially true if you forget to clean them after springtime showers. The accumulation of debris decomposes and rots those pipes, causing a terrible smell. This is also especially true with shower drains that don't regularly get cleaned, as hair clogs them.

Prevent health hazards                                                         

Health hazards aren’t always a concern surrounding the topic of drains and pipes. However, these pipes eventually end up with hazardous fumes and trapped bacteria that can harm everyone in your home. The buildup of harmful bacteria in your pipes can result in various diseases, including:

All the above mentioned challenges are truly concerning conditions that should be avoided at all costs. This reason alone is enough to inspire everyone to be more vigilant about the health of their plumbing system.

Is Draining Cleaning Needed in My Home?

So what do you think? Have we convinced you to clean your drains over the summer months? We understand that we all are living a hectic life, and some of the most basic chores frequently get pushed to the back burner.

You don’t have to put off your plumbing chores! We welcome you to contact us and set up a visit with one of our expertly-trained technicians who will handle drain cleaning for you. Contact us today or fill out an inquiry form on our website.


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