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10 Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

Knowing when you need AC repair allows you to call a contractor before the damage is more expensive to fix or your system needs to be replaced. You can also avoid a sudden failure on a hot summer day. Nexgen can be reached 24/7 to promptly address any issues you’re having. To help you know when to call for service, here are signs your air conditioner needs repair.

Nexgen Air Conditioning Heat X Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repair

1. Only Warm Air Is Blowing

An air conditioner is designed to provide cool air. When the AC is turned on, there should never be warm air blowing from the vents. If so, check that the thermostat is in cooling mode. Otherwise, warm air blowing can mean something is blocking airflow or there’s damage to the compressor.

2. The AC Is Making Odd Noises

If the unit is making sounds you’ve never heard, it’s time to call for repairs. There may be a blockage or a mechanical problem. Worrisome sounds include grinding, scraping, squealing, or gurgling. Ignoring the noise can lead to more serious and expensive damage.

3. It’s Turning On and Off Too Fast

Air conditioners typically run in cycles. They stay on until the set temperature is reached, and turn off until the temperature needs to be readjusted. Your AC will run more frequently on hot days. If it’s constantly turning on and off, the system may need to be repaired or replaced.

4. Vents Are Blowing Little or No Air

Even if you’re getting cold air, weak air flow is a sign of a duct clog or leak. It can also mean the compressor is failing. If there’s a ductwork issue or a motor is breaking down, the problem can be fixed. In some cases, the issue is so serious replacing the unit is the only solution.

5. You Can’t Get the Thermostat to Work

The thermostat is what controls your air conditioner. It measures temperature continuously to signal the AC to generate the right amount of cold air. Signs of a thermostat problem include the system not turning on at all, running for short amounts of time, or not providing the right temperature.

6. The AC Gives Off Bad Odors

There are also smelly signs your air conditioner needs repair. If there’s a musty odor, mold may be growing inside the AC unit or your ductwork. A burning odor can mean a wire or electrical component has burnt out. Ductwork cleaning, a tune-up, or installation of UV lamps in the system can eliminate AC odors.

7. Your Electric Bill Is Going Up

Your utility bill should remain fairly consistent. If you’re not using your AC more, but are spending more on electricity, there may be a repair issue such as a duct leak, faulty thermostat switch, clog, or other mechanical problem causing it to work harder.

8. The Unit Is Leaking

Refrigerant is constantly circulating throughout the system. Central air conditioners are also designed to drain condensate. If you see coolant pooling up, this can be a dangerous situation, while leaking water can cause serious property and structural damage.

9. Your Home Is More Humid

Even on humid summer days, your AC should keep indoor humidity levels in check. Schedule service if your home starts to feel stickier. If the humidity is above 50%, your home can become quite stuffy while mold can grow more easily. Watch for low-humidity and dryness as well.

10. Circuit Breakers Keep Tripping

If the breaker for your AC keeps tripping, there might be a serious electrical issue. An undiagnosed electrical problem can lead to equipment overheating or wires sparking. A home fire can result if the problem isn’t diagnosed and fixed.

Contact Nexgen for AC Repair

Are there signs your air conditioner needs repair? If so, Nexgen is ready to assist and can provide any repair necessary, starting with a free estimate. Maintenance and tune-up specials are available as well. Call 833-729-9735 to request a visit.

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Amazing Reviews From Our Loved Clients

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