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NEXGEN HVAC: Beating the National HVAC Part Shortage

Nationwide, HVAC companies are facing a parts and equipment shortage in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, shutdowns, and stay-at-home orders. Business had slowed in March and April of 2020 and plants were forced to shut down when outbreaks occurred. Many manufacturers had to follow CDC guidelines and shut down for two weeks at a time. At one time or another, all manufacturers were affected, nearly grinding production to a halt. Few predicted the uptick in demand this summer, or the supply ch...

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How Nexgen Is Protecting Customers from Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Nexgen family is thankful for the trust and confidence our customers place in Nexgen Air and Heat to provide fast and reliable HVAC, Plumbing, Water and Air Filtration solutions. As always, the safety of our customers and technicians is our top priority. Nexgen is closely monitoring the situation with COVID-19 and we are taking precautions to maintain a safe and healthy environment for our customers, service technicians and the SoCal communities we serve. Effective Immediately, Nexgen Is...

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Why You Need to Schedule a Maintenance Check Today?

Yes, you might need a maintenance check today depending on a few conditions. An HVAC system is not a luxury anymore. It has become a part of modern life, and most people use them to get their home to a comfortable place.  However, they ignore essential maintenance. The result is obvious. They spend more on the AC repair in Pasadena. Also, a poorly working AC unit causes a lot of other problems. Users will not get the desired coolness in the hot summer, but the irritating noise is another c...

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How Often Should I get my HVAC Unit Serviced?

An HVAC system is a valuable investment at home. While it allows you to enjoy a comfortable environment at home as the weather heats up, you need to service it. This is to ensure it functions at its most exceptional quality level. You do not want to risk a system breakdown, health conditions that occur due to a malfunctioning system or costly repairs that could be avoided through servicing. Question is, how often should you have your HVAC unit serviced? AC servicing can be done at any time...

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Benefits of an HVAC Check-Up

People use HVAC systems to get the desired comfort in adverse weather conditions. However, they take a little effort to maintain their AC units. As a result, they ended up spending more on repair and replacement. Regular maintenance will make an AC unit more efficient as well as prevent significant repair while ensuring an extended life. An AC repair in Orange County has both  the skill and experience to maintain an AC  the ability to fix the issue at an early stage that will ultimate...

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Prepare Your Unit with These Fall/Winter HVAC Tips

Fall in Palm Desert city, South California starts to bring the cool temperature and within a few weeks, the elements of the autumn fall in place. The most important thing to do at this preparing homes for the coming cold season. One of the areas that should be check is the HVAC system. Making sure that the heating system or the air conditioning system is prepared in advance crucial. It helps it to reduce emergency services and costly repairs when the fall/winter arrives. 5 tips that will hel...

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Can Proper Insulation Save You Money?

Reliable HVAC Contractor The main purpose of insulation is to slow down the transfer of heat from one area of your home to another. Even through floors, ceilings and walls, heat always flows from warmer areas to cooler ones. This means that during the winter season, and due to the cold exterior, the heat in our houses flows outside. Similarly, during the summer season, heat from the outdoors, transfers into our cooler interior. To remove this heat, during summer months we run the air cond...

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Which type of HVAC unit is right for my home in Orange County?

Although Orange County does not have high temperatures, it is still essential for residents to have the perfect HVAC unit for their homes.  It is important to learn about the various types of air conditioning units available to make the right choice. Currently, they are four different types available. All come in different sizes and specifications to suit various home and business designs.  They include: Heating and air conditioning split system – having an outdoor unit having ...

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Tips for lowering your cooling costs

Are you tired of the high energy bills every month? If yes, it is important to ensure the optimal performance of your air conditioning unit.  Ideally, you should immediately get your AC checked if you hear strange noises or observe a stark difference in the airflow. While these issues might seem minor, they can take a bigger shape in the long run.  The result: a waste of money, time, and effort.  The right AC service company will send expert professionals to your homes...

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Why is your HVAC system important when living in Los Angeles?

 Heating, ventilation, and cooling, abbreviated as HVAC, is a system that cleans the air and offers warm air or cold air depending on the user’s climate requirements. In Los Angeles, HVAC systems are considered a worthy investment because of their incredible energy-saving principles.  If your HVAC system is damaged or is more than 15 years old, you must upgrade to a brand new, high-efficiency HVAC equipment. At Nexgen, we offer professional repair and installation solutions on al...

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Not only did his team deliver promptly and on time, they were friendly and left with a professional install of my new A/C unit. I can’t mention the AWESOME price I got, but needless to say they can beat any deal, and will give you the fastest 1st-rate service available.
Wayne B.
Yesterday I had Nexgen install a new furnace and a/c system to replace my 30-year-old system. Their representative Jeff met with me the day before to go over the system that would work best for my home, and presented me with a price I couldn’t turn down. Incidentally, Nexgen’s price was over $3,000 cheaper than all other competitors.
Jack W.
My call was promptly returned by Jeff and an appointment was scheduled for the next day. Jeff presented an offer that I couldn’t refuse! A crew was available that day and came, saw and conquered. I had A/C that evening at a very fair price. Highly recommend Nexgen.
Lisa S.

Amazing Reviews From Our Loved Clients

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