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Why Do I Need a Leak Detection Service

Any plumber will tell you a water leak can occur anywhere, even deep within your walls, above a ceiling, or under the floor. A gas leak releases toxic gas into the air. This is an extremely dangerous situation that risks your health and safety. That’s why you need a professional leak detection service to determine the exact source and nature of the leak so a plumber can fix it—fast.

Dangers of Gas Leaks

Natural gas is readily available and affordable. This fossil fuel is found in the environment and is used for many things. Large companies carefully maintain gas and oil pipelines, but the containment of natural gas in your home can be a different story. It comes in through local gas lines and is used by furnaces, water heaters, stoves, fireplaces, and other fixtures.

A lack of maintenance, damage, or a repair issue with any one of these appliances can put your family in danger. Natural gas, propane, and butane are commonly used in homes. Normally, they are safe, but when something goes wrong, you may face issues such as:

Are You Experiencing Symptoms of Exposure?

High levels of gas can trigger a range of symptoms if inhaled. These can include:

In severe cases, a person exposed to natural gas can lose coordination and eventually become unconscious. Death can occur due to suffocation.

In addition, gas leaks, aside from wasting energy, are harmful to the environment. They can kill vegetation. In the case of methane, a leak can contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Issues related to natural gas leaks, however, can be mitigated with early detection.

How to Identify a Leaking Gas Line

It’s crucial to find the leak or you may face extremely high repair expenses. Only a professional has the tools and equipment to quickly find natural gas leaks at their source. While gas lines rarely leak, a professional will use a detection kit to identify a potential problem. Contact a plumber if you notice a rotten egg odor; this is due to a substance added to natural gas to make it detectable to the human senses.

Other signs of a problem include:

At NexGen, we use the most advanced leak detection methods. But we can start with a water test, which can indicate a gas leak when bubbles appear on a pipe fitting. Our equipment allows us to identify the exact location, how much gas is leaking, and the type of gas it is.

Contact NexGen for Leak Detection Service

NexGen provides leak detection and repair in Southern California. We are prompt and work quickly to fix any gas leak permanently to ensure your family’s safety. Whether the problem is due to pipe corrosion, a disconnected pipe, a bad seal, tree roots, or a ruptured gas line in an earthquake, our professionals will repair it. They can also repair gas fixtures including stoves, furnaces, dryers, barbecues, fireplaces, and jacuzzies. 

To learn more or request leak detection service, 24/7, call 833-729-9735 now.