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NexGen Guide: How to Get Hair Out of a Drain

How to Get Hair Out of a DrainIf you have hair, a hair clog in a shower, tub, or bathroom sink drain is almost inevitable. Unclogging a drain isn’t as fun as having long hair or smooth skin, but you can do it. There are simple ways to get rid of gross clumps of hair and grime. We’ll explain how to get hair out of a drain using the most effective methods.

Pull the Hair Out

Hair, being stringy, isn’t usually easy to plunge out. A more effective way to remove it is to remove the drain stopper by unscrewing it with a screwdriver if necessary, and pulling out the clump of hair with a pair of tweezers. If any hair has accumulated on the stopper, remove that too.

Next, look down the drain with a flashlight. If there’s a deeper blockage, you may be able to remove it with needle-nose pliers. Once you’ve pulled out all the hair you could, run hot water to wash away the remaining hairs and ensure the drain is working.

Try Baking Soda and Vinegar

Here’s how to get hair out of a drain using an old-school, tried and tested method. If there is hair clogging a bathroom drain, start by squirting some dish soap into the affected drain. Next, pour a cup of vinegar in and then a cup of baking soda. Allow the chemical reaction to start and, after five minutes, pour boiling water down the drain. This should take care of most of the clogs. For any remaining hair, use a plunger to dislodge it.

Snake the Drain

If you haven’t yet been able to expunge the hair clog, try using a plumbing snake, or auger. Insert the snake and rotate the handle to extend the coil into the drain. When you feel it hit the clog, pull it out if possible or continue to push against it. Various drain snake devices are available. If the blockage is relatively minor, you can also use a straightened wire hanger to reach in and pull out the clog

Remove the Drain

The most extensive method of clearing a hair clog is to remove the drain itself. If a shower/tub drain is clogged, pry it out with a plug wrench by inserting it into the drain’s crossbars. With the drain removed, try to access clumps of hair below.

A clogged sink drain may require you to remove the P-trap. First, turn off the sink’s water valve; then loosen the fasteners and separate the trap from the pipe. Make sure a bucket is under the pipe in case any water drains out. Reach into the pipe and pull out any clogs, then reassemble the P-trap, turn on the water, and run the faucet.

How to Avoid Getting Hair in the Drain

There are also steps you can take to prevent hair clogs. To avoid the hassle:

Contact NexGen for Drain Cleaning

How to get hair out of a drain isn’t always cut and dry. If you’re unsuccessful or not comfortable with some of the methods above, NexGen can help. Expert drain cleaning services are available to deal with more difficult clogs. Our technicians can look deeper into your drains, pipes, and even sewer lines using fiber optic cameras. If necessary, hydro jetting can be used to clear pipes of hair, oil, soap residue, and hard water minerals. We’ll dispatch technicians the same day you call, so call 833-729-9735 to request prompt service.